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2021 Cross Country is Off and Running!

And we are off and running into the 2021 season! We have started this season head and shoulders above where we were as a team last year; more faces, bigger goals, but same expectations. The team enjoyed a fun gathering of comradery and eating at this years team potluck. One of the amazing things about this season already is the parental involvement and their willingness to invest their time in their student-athlete. We do not believe we have ever had a turnout for a potluck like we did this year. There was more than enough food, plenty of games and activities, and a great goal-setting session where the runners had the opportunity to set their fall goals.

Next was the Fall Sports Jamboree! We have not had enthusiasm and excitement towards this event since maybe the early 2010s. But this year broke out of that hardened mold and showcased what our athletes can do. Many of our Lady Lions saw the 6:00 barrier as a nice bar to reach and Natalie Kennedy was our closest with a 6:01 finish time . . . in a tutu nonetheless. But the other ladies followed closely behind with our top-7 all under 6:30. On the boys side, it was a stark contrast of effort from the last time we lined up for the jamboree mile. Jack Ryan made quick work of the 4-lapper with a new PR of 4:40. The other followed closely behind with Diego Klish at 5:05 and the rest of the top-7 under 5:30. It was a beautiful night under the lights and a great way to see the speed the runners have . . . without having any speed work, yet.

Finally, our team time trials kicked off Saturday August 28th at 8:00AM. The boys were first and the ladies followed at 8:30AM. The heat had crept in fairly quick so that, along with the 90° turns, made for not-so-fast times, but quality efforts. Jack Ryan finished up in a solid 18:10 with Diego Klish not too far behind in 19:15. The top-7 may not have had the best time trial day, but they will surely be surprised as they cascade over the hills of Manhattan next week in our season opener. The girls saw a similar scenario but they were able to pack a little better which will pay off in the long run. Natalie Kennedy showed poise and focus as she completed the 5k in 21:31 with Lucy Hardy not too far behind in 22:32.

The teams look great this season and we, the coaches, are on the edge of our seats ready to see what the runners may accomplish when thrown into some competition.


Time Trials_official_2021_updated
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