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lawrence Cross Country forms & Links


     Prior to participating in cross country, EACH ATHLETE WILL NEED TO BE REGISTERED THROUGH REGISTERMYATHLETE.COM. there are a series of forms that must be completed. If these forms are not completed by August 14th, 2023, you will not be allowed to workout with the team.

All forms WILL NEED TO be uploaded to and can be found on the lawrence high school athletics website.




  • You must fill out and upload a physical form dated after May 1, 2023 

  • you must upload an insurance form and have it completed + notarized

  • You will need to complete the concussion form and electronically sign

  • You must have completed a Code of Conduct and electronically sign

  • You must have completed a Tryout and Participation form and electronically sign

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Coach morgison:

Good REads

(Click on any of images to be taken to the articles)

emily venters.jpg

"The Trials and Tribulations of Emily Venters"

Emily Venters is a 2017 graduate of free-state high school. she attended boise State, colorado, and utah to further her academic and running career. This piece goes in-depth about her struggles and ability to overcome adversity.

"recovery is worth it"

kassidy johnson is a graduate of salina south and FORMER runner at k-state. in this piece, she goes into detail about her struggles with eating and how she came back to have some of her best racing.


"What really happens when runners lose their periods"

this article goes in-depth about amenorrhea, or the absence of menstruation. it highlights various professional runners and their struggles with the disease and how they battled back from it. 

"dear younger me: lauren fleshman"

Lauren fleshman was a professional runner who ran at stanford. this article highlights her struggle with body image and disordered eating. It is a cathartic look into how retrospection can sometimes be a guiding light for healing. 


affiliates for information & results

For all of the latest results from across the state in either Cross Country or Track, click on the links below to find your event!

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