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lawrence Cross Country SUMMER INFORMATION

     The summer is the perfect time, albeit the most crucial time, for base running development. Starting june 5th, 2023 members of the cross country team will hold summer conditioning at 7AM at the Holcom gazebo near 27th and Lawrence ave. Practices typically conclude around 8:30AM.


Here is the weekly schedule:

• Monday: Holcom

• Tuesday: Holcom

• Wednesday: coach's choice

• Thursday: Broken arrow

• Friday: holcom

     The main key to successful distance running is consistency over a period of time and we do hold our runners to this standard albeit on their own or with the team.


     Running throughout the summer holds many benefits. For one, it allows your body to adjust to the trauma of running over a period of time, reducing the occurrence of leg injuries; helping you to stay healthy throughout the entirety of the season.

     The summer gives new runners the opportunity to run with a group and discover what cross country is all about. It gives the captains time to relay their goals for the season. In all, if you fail to get yourself in shape over the summer, you are giving away many benefits to the competition. 

     So, come out and have some fun while putting in those grueling miles with your teammates. Popsicles are on the regular as are games and activities at help take away the monotony of the relentless miles.

Summer Routes

The summer is the quintessential time to be out running and building up a base prior to the start of the season. Below are all - but not limited to - the routes that are available to the runners. It is encouraged to know most of these routes to avoid any confusion, create awareness of proximity to the school, and to reduce the possibilities of getting lost.


Red buttons equal less-than 10 mile routes, whereas black buttons equal 10 miles or greater routes.

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