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Updates and Future Uncertainties

And so it begins – the 2020 season: wrought with pandemic procedures and potentials closings left and right. But we will persevere and stay aware of both our physical well-being along with our mental fragility. The expanse of precaution hit us first in the summer with a late start to summer running and has furthered its reach now into the season. First thing:

Time Trials will replace our Manhattan meet. We feel as though holding a time trial will keep us safer, put us in better contention to compete at Emporia, and give everyone a chance to be placed in teams.

The Rim Rock Classic has been cancelled. We are looking for opportunities to fill this weekend but have not determined anything as of 8/27.

• If you are feeling ill or are running a temperature, inform Coach Brensing and do not come to practice.

• We will always follow the CDC and State guidelines when it comes to practice and being safe. We will have running maintain a 6ft perimeter from the nearest athlete, we will mandate masks for the duration of warm-up and the first 50m of a run, and we will have runners bring their own water bottles to minimize any risk of contamination through communal water stops. At the end of practice, runners will leave the area promptly and not hang around.

While we are working to keep training on schedule, it is important to realize that flexibility is key this season. Practice has the potential of being modified on the spot as has already been shown. By following the guidelines, we WILL have a season of some degree and we WILL be a model to show that it is possible albeit modified and different from what once was normal.

Stay vigilant. Stay hungry. Stay safe.

– LHS XC Coaching

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