The Lawrence High School Cross Country program has a rich history that is important to be passed on to future generations of cross country runners. From it's inception, LHS CC has made a state-wide impact. Storied runners and coaches from years past are significant in knowing where this program came from and why it is essential in keeping the LHS CC tradition alive and well.


Official LHS Top-30 5k Times

since 1998

Official LHS State History


Jerry Rogers
(1957 - 1960) - Boys
Cleo Cherryholmes
(1961 - 1963) - Boys
Steve Sublett
(1964 - 1993) - Boys
(1977 - 1978 & 1980) - Boys & Girls

Jerry Rogers was a mainstay at LHS in the '50s and early-'60s. He was the Head Track & Field coach where he coached his team to a couple of 5th place finishes in the 1950s. He also coached Bill Cottle in cross country to 7th and 5th place finishes, respectively, in 1959 and 1960. Bill Cottle also won back-to-back 880y Track titles at State.

Bob Frederick
(1979) - Girls

Cleo Cherryholmes was the second LHS Cross Country coach. His few years were lackluster but he was able to pull in more runners and gain valuable exposure for the program that would later pay off.

Ted Juneau
(1981 - 1982) - Girls

Steve Sublett currently holds the record for longest tenured coach. He led the boys team to three 2nd place State finishes and one 3rd place. He was also the first coach of the girls' team in '77. At that time there was a head coach for both the boys and girls. It wasn't until '94 that there became one head coach for the entire team.

Dick Reamon
(1983 - 1993) - Girls
(1994 - 1996) - Head Coach

The late Bob Frederick was the girls' head coach in '79 and led the girls to their best State finish at that time: 4th place.

Ted Juneau was the girls' head coach for two years and kept their State appearance streak alive as they went 5th and 9th during his time.

Dick Reamon is probably the quintessential girls coach in recent memory. He led the girls to three consecutive State Championships, three 2nd places, and two 3rd places. He then became the head coach of the entire team for the first time in '94 after Sublett resigned.

Rusty Powlas
(1997 - 1998) - Head Coach

After being an assistant under Reamon, Rusty Powlas took the reigns of head coach. During his two years the boys team placed 5th and 2nd at State. While the girls placed 9th and 8th respectively.

Dick Reamon
(1999 - 2002) - Head Coach

After Powlas resigned, Dick Reamon was ushered in for a second stint as head coach. This time around, the boys continued their success with three 2nd place finishes at State. The girls made a fight back to State and placed 7th and 6th during Reamon's time.

Brian "Chip" Anderson
(2003 - 2015) - Head Coach

Brian Anderson was an assistant under Powlas and Reamon until 2003 when he became head coach. His coaching tenure saw him lead the boys team to two State Championships in '08 and '09, two 3rd places and a 4th place. His girls teams brought home a 5th and 6th in '05 and '06.


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Girls Team Champions
1985 - 1987
Boys Team Champions
2008 & 2009
Mary Powell
David Johnston
State Champion (1985 - 1987)
State Champion (1989)
Kinney All-American (1987)
Chris Williams
Roy Wedge
State Champion (1997 - 1999)
State Champion (2009)
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