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Next Year Looks Bright!

Reflecting on this season, I was overcome with tremendous pride. To reflect on the season, we need to go back to June. That’s when our summer training began, and it was obvious this season was going to be special. We had the most dedicated, consistent group of summer runners we have ever had in my time at LHS. They showed up every day, and that hard work was evident by the end of the season. Our ladies team ran faster as a group than any team I have coached. We went from 12th place in League last year to 7th this year! That’s huge!

Our teams are starting to run together as a group, which needs to happen to go to State as a team. Our guys spent this season finding their footing and learning how to pace. We have runners now that are SERIOUS about running, not just conditioning for other sports. Both of our teams finished better at Regionals than we have in YEARS. 4th place is just outside of a State run as a team! While this may seem like the worst place to be, this is GREAT for our program! It means we have the power to go to State AS TEAMS! We had four individuals qualify for state this year — also a record since my time at LHS. We haven’t been in this position in years. Exciting things are ahead!

With that being said, next year we MUST focus more on the team aspect. My challenge to all of you is to start thinking about cross country for what it is — a team sport. Let us spend this off-season reflecting on our individual accomplishments and how those will help the TEAM next year. This group has the ability and attitude to go to State as a team, and that is our next goal. It’s right there — so how hard are you willing to work this off-season? Are you willing to run track to be in shape for summer running? Are you willing to sacrifice for your TEAM?! I hope you are, because next year looks bright!

Keep up the hard work. It is paying off and we are so proud of you!

— Coach Brensing

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