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Website Updated!

With a fresh new start to another soon-to-be-awesome season, I thought it was time to update the website a little. Nothing major, just a alteration of the font and some clean-up that will get everything ready for all the data and photos to come! Important to note: the schedule tab now has links set up to each course location so that anyone can click the link and get driving directions quick and easy. Some of the history has been updated to include coach Jerry Rogers; a coach that slid under my radar when initially compiling all the history together. There have been some additional summer routes added along with a color scheme to help identify which ones represent a certain amount of distance.

Along with the desktop version being updated, I updated the mobile version to be a little more easily accessible and navigational. In all, the update seems to help the website to breathe better and is more welcoming to new folks. Once the season gets rollin', photos will be added along with weekly race results. Enjoy!

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