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Easy Speaking Over Some Burgers and Fries

Leslie and Pierce

On a warm, humid evening our cross country harriers took their voices -- and their appetites -- to the HyVee Market Grill to sit down with Dave Lawrence and the crew from 1320 KLWN to confabulate in depth about the season and future that lies ahead. In between gorging themselves, our athletes took turns at the mic; elaborating upon various questions ranging from: favorite subjects, favorite teachers, hobbies, and their lives in general . . . oh, and running as well. The food was scrumptious. The pepperoni pizza roll-up things were amazing. And those chips and queso? Mhmm: to die for. I didn't get a chance to dig my teeth into those towering burgers, but from how Pierce Saturday was tearing away at all that bread and greasy goodness, I'd say it was probably delectable.

Personally, I think the location was great. The kiddos didn't seem to have much trouble getting to HyVee, and there was plenty of space to accommodate our large group. In all, I'd say we had about 20 young scholar athletes in attendance and that shows the compassion and care that they have for this program. The time spent with everyone was fun and a great way to unwind after a grueling practice. I think the radio show is great exposure and is a great event that I hope we continue for years to come!

Oh yeah, photos are up in the photos section! Check them out!

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