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Sunflower League and the Finish Line

Saturday will be the day that all of the hard work - all of those summer miles - will finally pay off. Many Lawrence Cross Country greats have laid it all on the line screaming across Jim Ryun skyline and barreling down the homestretch to that coveted finish line. And for a lot of our kids it will be just that: their finish line. For more than half of the team, this Saturday will mark the closing of another chapter of LHS Cross Country.

We have had many bumps and hurdles along the way, but through it all, we became a tighter group and more of a family this year. The message of the team aspect has been emphasized day in and day out since day one of the fall 2016 season, and this year felt like we took that next great step towards fulfilling that ideal.

The great Lawrence High teams of yesteryear had superb team unity and transcendent leadership that helped them all to excel and push toward - what some would consider - enlightenment; becoming better human beings.

Cross Country is a sport of discipline, courage, and good faith. We have built upon that foundation, and this year's group of kiddos has made every mishap and every hiccup worth the effort. We can only hope that they have taken away something greater than just faster times, accolades, and friendships. Maybe they have taken away the reward of a good effort? The idea that in order to be the best that you can be you must be dedicated? Or maybe they have begun to understand that there will constantly be those hills in life that you can either walk up or charge up with gritted teeth and push past those fears of breaking.

In all, when the dust settles and the spikes are back in the closet and our seniors have moved along, we hope that every single one of these fine runners will look back to this season and realize just how special it truly was. Reflection is a wonderful gift, and for those who do not make the regional team should utilize it and begin thinking of where they can improve and what steps they are going to do to reach those new goals for next year.

Good luck to everyone this weekend. You have earned your stripes, now let's show everyone the pride we carry as a Lawrence Cross Country family!


9:00AM -- JV Girls

9:35AM -- JV Boys

10:05AM -- Varsity Girls

10:35AM -- Varsity Boys

11:05AM -- C Team Girls

11:45AM -- C Team Boys

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