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Topeka Seaman Invitational

Shawnee North Community Center

Alright, so with the Rim Rock debacle behind us, our kids are ready to rock and roll this weekend at the Seaman Invitational! Traditionally, it is a pretty fast meet and many of our kids come away with Personal Records. Last year we had a great showing all around and the kids were already looking forward to this year. As with last year, this year we will have just four races: two Varsity races and two JV races. So, it's a great opportunity for the kids to run at a level higher than what they are used to running.

For the parents, this is primarily a viewer friendly course with the exception being the last mile where the race goes back into the woods, and we don't see the kids again until they come barreling out from over the bridge and down to the finish line.

The meet starts at 9:00AM at the Shawnee North Community Center located at: 300 NE 43rd St, Topeka, KS 66617.

We hope to see as many supporters out there as possible! You rock!

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